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  • Kimo NoNickname Anderson

A City Is Fighting Public Urination with Special "Splash Back" Paint

Last month, we heard that scientists have designed a urinal that drastically reduces splashing . . . but there are other cases that could benefit from an INCREASE in splashing.

The Westminster neighborhood in London has been struggling with people relieving themselves on city streets . . . and they're fighting back, big-time.

They're painting walls and other surfaces with a special kind of paint, which actually causes a stream to SPLASH BACK on the person when they pee on it. The idea is to deter public urination . . . by SOAKING the person.

They've also added posters with a QR code to help people find their nearest public restroom, and to remind them that public urination is illegal. They're adding more public toilets . . . and there will be a focus on fining people who are caught.


(Back in 2015, San Francisco was trying something like this. It's unclear if this is the same splash-back paint or a different technology. Here's a video from back when SF was doing it.)

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