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A Man Was Arrested After a Family Game of "Monopoly" Turned Violent

If all the family time over Thanksgiving made you feel like you were LOSING IT, hopefully you didn't ACTUALLY snap like THIS guy . .

Police in Oklahoma arrested a man named John Armstrong on Saturday, after a family game of "Monopoly" turned violent.

The family was drinking alcohol and playing "Monopoly" when John started fighting with his stepfather. They knocked over the game board . . . turned over furniture . . . and then took the fight outside.

At some point, John was cut on the head, and he responded by pulling out a gun, and chasing his stepfather and stepsister down the street. He DID fire a shot, but thankfully he aimed "at the ground" and no one was hurt.

John was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was sent to the Tulsa County jail. (He was told NOT to pass Go, and NOT to collect $200.)

It's unclear what the fight was over . . . or how many hours they were into the game.


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