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  • Kimo NoNickname Anderson

Are Your Christmas Decorations a Fire Hazard? Probably

We just heard recently that your Christmas tree could be negatively impacting your air quality.

And now there's THIS . . .

A new survey by an insurance company found that 97% of people who decorate inside their homes for the holidays do so with at least one fire hazard. So basically everyone. And 76% of people who decorate use multiple fire hazards.

47% of people say they use candles . . . 31% admit to using two or more extension cords plugged together . . . and 28% use tinsel, which can be VERY flammable.

Also, 66% of people who use indoor holiday lights, like on a Christmas tree, say they keep the lights on even when no one is home.

And speaking of Christmas trees, less than 17% of people who put up a real tree water it every day.

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