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Baseball Opening Day: Fans of the A's Spend the Most on Alcohol at Games, Understandably

In a new survey on MLB fan spending, A's fans drop the most on booze . . . Tigers fans spend the least. And Braves fans spend the most on team merch and gear, while Astros fans buy the least.

MLB's Opening Day is TODAY, which means fans of all teams believe there's at least a SMALL chance this could be a magical year. Well, except the sad fans in Oakland, where they've traded EVERYONE away.

Which is why it isn't shocking to hear that A's fans drink . . . a LOT . . . at games.

In a new survey from FinanceBuzz, the average Oakland A's fan spends roughly $58 on alcohol while at a game, which is more than any other team.

St. Louis Cardinals fans are second with a booze spend of $43 . . . followed by fans of the Texas Rangers ($42), the Chicago Cubs ($40), and the Chicago White Sox ($39). The league average is $27.77.

Detroit Tigers fans spend the LEAST on alcohol at $15 per game. Tigers fans also spend the least on concessions as a whole, at "just" $52.

The biggest spenders on concessions are in the Bay Area: Oakland A's fans drop the most, $134 per game . . . followed by fans of the San Francisco Giants ($110), the L.A. Angels ($107), the Texas Rangers ($99), and the L.A. Dodgers ($98).

The league average for in-stadium food and drinks is $74.40.

As for team merchandise and gear, the Atlanta Braves are #1, which might be correlated to their epic World Series run last year. Washington Nationals fans drop the second-most on gear. They won the World Series in 2019.

Fans of the Houston Astros spend the LEAST on merch, possibly because the Astros brand took a big PR hit with that cheating scandal a couple years ago.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans spend the second-least on gear. Which is appropriate . . . even the ownership of the Pirates isn't willing to invest in the team. (HI-YO!)

Interestingly, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays spend the third-least, but there's a chance that surges this year. The Blue Jays are one of the favorites to win the World Series.

The average fan spends $168.74 on merchandise annually.

(Finance Buzz)

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