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Korn Release 2nd Single Of Upcoming Album 'Forgotten' (Video)

Korn Release Melodic New Song ‘Forgotten’ From Their Upcoming Album

"Requiem" is scheduled to be released on February 4th. This will be the bands 14th studio album.


Digesting deceit

I'm broken faulted

And that just better for me

This situation intrigues

I am assaulted

I don't know how I succeed

Bow down

Where am I now?


A plaything at your discretion now

Pulling away this veil I see

Realize this path's not meant for me

Stripped away are all my needs

And now all that's left is forgotten

I want to be free

You won't allow it

It makes me drop to my knees

What must I do to appease?

My effort's scalded

I guess I'll have to concede

One day I must decide if I'm worth it

Gave it life and I realized it took it

Don't feel bad for me

Don't feel sad for me

Don't feel bad for me

Don't feel sad for me

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