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The Top Questions We're Googling about the Winter Olympics

The top questions we're googling about the Winter Olympics include: "What country is R.O.C.?" It's Russia. And "How many countries are competing?" The answer is 84 countries and almost 2,900 total athletes. The U.S. has the most with 224.

The Winter Olympics are in full swing. So Google Trends just put out some stats on the QUESTIONS everyone's googling the most. Here are the top five . . .

1. "What country is R.O.C. in the Olympics?" It's Russia. We just went over this during the Summer Olympics last year. They got banned for doping, so all the Russian athletes are competing under the banner, "Russian Olympic Committee."

2. "Where is Mike Tirico broadcasting the Olympics from?" The answer is Beijing AND Los Angeles. (???) He's in China now. But he flies to L.A. on Thursday, where he'll do the rest of it remotely. He's coming home early to also cover the Super Bowl

3. "How many countries are in the Winter Olympics?" 84 countries are competing, and there are 2,874 athletes total. The U.S. has the most with 224. Haiti and Peru are both appearing in their first Winter Olympics, and have one athlete apiece. Both are alpine skiers.

4. "What [events] are on tonight?" The full schedule is at Because of the time difference, most stuff happens earlier in the day, or late at night. But curling, skiing, snowboarding, men's figure skating, and women's hockey are all on this evening.

5. "Is the U.S. in the Winter Olympics?" Yes . . . see question #3 again. We did do a "diplomatic boycott" to protest human rights violations in China. But that just means government officials aren't going. The athletes are there.

(Google Trends)

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