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14% of Men Want a Urinal in Their House . . . 91% of Women Do Not

In a poll, 8% of people say they would want a URINAL in their bathroom at home . . . 82% say NO . . . and 10% "don't know." Naturally, the idea is WAY LESS popular among women.

There's a solution to the problem of leaving the toilet seat up . . . but it's probably even more contentious: Installing a URINAL at home.

If you didn't know, it's a thing . . . mostly in custom homes. You may have seen them in a vacation rental, or on one of the zillions of HGTV shows. They even sell residential urinals at Home Depot.

So, would YOU want one?

In a new poll, 82% of people say NO . . . 8% say YES . . . and 10% "don't know."

Not surprisingly, there's a big divide between men and women. 14% of men WOULD want a urinal, while just 2% of women are into the idea. 73% of men would pass, while a whopping 91% of women are a solid NO.

Overall, the idea is more popular among people UNDER the age of 50. Older folks are not into the concept.


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