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83% of People Claim They'd "Keep It a Secret" If They Won a Lotto Jackpot

In a new poll, 83% of people claim they'd "keep it a secret" if they won a lottery jackpot . . . and nearly 50% say they'd need to win $4 million or more to quit their jobs.

In a new survey, 80% of people say they play the lottery at least occasionally . . . like when the jackpot soars to record highs. But what would you do if you won the whole thing? It's more complicated than you think.

83% of people claim they'd "keep it a secret," which sounds like a good idea . . . especially if there are a lot of moochers around you.

A lot of people dream about quitting their jobs if they win . . . but unless you're already close to retirement, you might have to win A LOT to feel safe leaving your job permanently. So how much would it take?

Nearly 50% of people say they'd need to win $4 million or more to quit. At the extremes, 16% said they'd need $50 MILLION to feel comfortable walking away from work, while 11% would retire with winnings of $500,000 or less.

88% of people claimed they'd give away some of their winnings. Most people say they'd share with family . . . a significant other . . . and people in need. 40% would give some to friends, but only 4% would share with co-workers.

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