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A College Kid Forgot to Close Her Window During the Blizzard

You can learn a lot in college, but maybe Common Sense 101 needs to be an option: A student at Boston College is blowing up on TikTok after she decided to go sleep at her boyfriend's place during the blizzard . . . and forgot to close her bedroom WINDOW first.

Her roommates texted her on Saturday morning and said the place was freezing for some reason. They felt a draft but couldn't get into her room, because the door was locked. So she told them where a spare key was. And when they walked in, it was a winter wonderland.

There was a blanket of snow on EVERYTHING . . . her mattress, floor, and all of her stuff. They had to shovel it out the window using a dustpan. They say she didn't think the open-window thing through because she's from California, so she's not used to the cold.

(Here's the video, and here's a screenshot of the floor.)

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