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A Court Has Ruled That Calling Men "Bald" Is Sexual Harassment

A court has ruled that calling a man BALD is a form of sexual harassment. (And yes, we ARE talking about bald . . . on your head.)

It happened in the U.K. A panel of judges said that using the world "bald" to describe someone is a form of discrimination . . . and they tried to connect talking about a man's baldness to talking about the size of a woman's breasts. And it's "sexual" since hair loss is more common among men than women.

The case was about a man whose supervisor at work insulted him by calling out his baldness. The guy argued that the remarks about his appearance "crossed a line," and the court ruled that they weren't just insults, they were harassment. Oh and for what it's worth, all three judges on the panel suffered from hair loss.

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