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A Guy Blamed His Farts on the Dog, and It Cost His Wife Thousands in Vet Bills

A woman's story about wasting thousands of dollars on vet bills is going viral. Her dog kept passing gas, and it was really smelly. So she thought there was a medical issue. But then five weeks later, her husband finally fessed up that HE was the one laying all those biscuits. He'd been blaming it on the dog the whole time.

Lots of people have done this, usually as a joke. But you've gotta fess up when real money is involved . . .

Some woman went on Reddit and told the story of how her dog kept PASSING GAS. And the smell was so bad, she was worried it might have a medical issue.

She compared it to rotten eggs, and took him to the vet to see if something was wrong. But the tests kept coming back clean, so even the vet was stumped. They changed the dog's diet, and that didn't help.

But then five weeks . . . and several thousand dollars later . . . she found out what was really going on.

It turned out her HUSBAND was the one laying all those biscuits, and he BLAMED it on the dog.

She was so angry, she kicked him out of the house for the night, and told him he had to pay half of the vet bills. It was her dog, apparently, so she was the one who paid upfront. Most people think he should have paid for ALL of it though.

In the end, she made him go to the doctor . . . and he had to change HIS diet.

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