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A Guy Tried to Outrun the Cops on a Lawnmower

A guy who was wanted in Florida tried to outrun the cops on a LAWNMOWER this weekend. He was on a riding mower when they found him on Saturday. They say the chase lasted about 17 seconds before they tased him.

In the hierarchy of getaway vehicles, this is way down there with unicycles: A guy in Florida tried to outrun the cops this weekend . . . on a LAWNMOWER.

His name is Dusty Mobley, and he's 40. Cops had been looking for him since January when they say he stole a $40,000 boat. They tried to talk to him back then, but he got away that time.

He was on the boat when they found him January 3rd, but he dove into a Florida swamp and got away. So they'd been looking for him ever since.

When they tracked him down Saturday morning, he was on a riding mower and tried to drive off on it. They say the chase lasted about 17 seconds.

They tased him and got him into custody, then found a bunch of illegal stuff on him. They found a gun, which he's not allowed to have because he's a convicted felon. They also found a meth pipe and a handcuff key.

He's facing multiple felony charges.

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