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A Man Was Arrested for Using a Seagull as a Weapon

A man in the U.K. randomly attacked another guy, and he started the fight by throwing a LIVE SEAGULL at the other guy. The victim will be okay . . . the attacker was thrown in jail . . . and sadly, it's unclear if the seagull survived.

The most underrated part of a GOOD FIGHT is having an AWESOME OPENING MOVE. (Of course, if you've played "Mortal Kombat", you know that having a cool finishing move is also killer.)

A 29-year-old man in the U.K. began a fight by picking up a LIVE SEAGULL . . . throwing it at somebody . . . and then launching into a full-on assault, where he kicked and punched the other guy, and beat him with his belt.

It sounds like it was a random attack, and that he didn't know the guy beforehand.

The attacker was reportedly on his way home at the time . . . and was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The victim suffered a broken jaw, but it sounds like he'll be okay. It's unclear what happened to the seagull . . . hopefully it's okay. (While it's crazy to think of someone using a seagull as a weapon, it's also animal cruelty.)

The attacker is facing over a year in prison.

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