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A Woman Busted Her Boyfriend at a Strip Club . . . By Hopping Onstage Herself

A woman in California tracked her lying boyfriend to a strip club . . . then stripped down herself and went onstage to confront him. She made $100 in tips, and was offered a job. But she said she just did it to end things with the guy.

Sometimes you have to go to EXTREME lengths to catch a significant other doing something they're hiding from you. But this woman really went for EXTRA CREDIT. A woman on TikTok suspected that her boyfriend was still going to strip clubs even after he promised her he'd stop. So, she put a tracker on his car . . . saw he was going to a strip club . . . and followed him. But she didn't just confront him. She stripped down to just her bra . . . and put on a thong that one of the dancers gave her. Had the girls give her a few pointers . . . and jumped up onstage. (!!!) She walked over to him and said, "You want a show babe? Watch this show." He was upset . . . but she didn't care. She says she danced around a little . . . flipped him off . . . and said he'd never see her again. She says she made $100 in tips . . . and the owner even offered her a job . . . but she's done stripping. She says she just did it to end things with the guy. (NY Post) (Here's her initial TikTok, and the follow-ups are here and here.)

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