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A Woman Found a Naked Man in Her Trunk, and He'd Been There for Three Days

A woman in Canada found a naked guy hanging out in the trunk of her car last week. It turned out he'd been in there for THREE DAYS while she was driving around running errands.

The guy in this story is okay and WASN'T arrested, because he's obviously got some mental health stuff going on. But imagine if this happened to you.

A woman near Vancouver, British Columbia named Bethany Coker found a bunch of mud in the driver's side seat of her car last week, and didn't know where it came from. She usually leaves her car unlocked . . . because Canada. So she assumed a homeless guy slept in it.

Anyway, she decided to start locking it from now on, and steam-cleaned the whole seat. Then cut to three days later when she went to put something in her car at work . . . and realized someone was hanging out in her TRUNK.

She noticed the windows were fogged up. Then she was putting something on her passenger's seat when she heard a voice say, "HEY." So she looked over . . . saw a guy's face in the pass-through hole that leads to her trunk . . . and he was NAKED.

He told her it was a, quote, "rite of passage" and that he was the son of the Pope. (???) So at that point, she FLIPPED OUT, grabbed a coworker, and called 911.

It turned out the guy has issues AND he'd been out drinking. He thought someone was chasing him, so he climbed in her trunk . . . and he'd been in there for THREE DAYS. Luckily he didn't freeze to death, and cops say he's getting the help he needs now.

Bethany says the craziest part was when she realized she'd been driving around with him while running ERRANDS for the past three days. She says he never made a peep.

(Global News)

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