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An All-Women's Sports Bar Called "The Sports Bra" Is Opening Tomorrow

A new sports bar is opening in Portland tomorrow that will exclusively feature women's sports. It's called "The Sports Bra," and the owner said she was inspired because only 4% of the athletes on TV are women.

There are all kinds of sports bars out there, but tomorrow, a very unique one is opening in Portland, Oregon. It'll exclusively feature women's sports, and it has a FANTASTIC name: The Sports Bra.

The owner is a chef named Jenny Nguyen . . . and she says she was inspired because 40% of all athletes are women, but 96% of the athletes on TV are men.

She believes this is the first sports bar to exclusively feature women's sports . . . both on TV and in the décor. They're also working with female partners to get local food . . . as well as an all-women operated distillery to get spirits for cocktails.

The timing is perfect: The NCAA Final Four women's matchups are being held tomorrow night . . . Louisville versus South Carolina and UConn facing off against Stanford.

The place already has some hype. A Kickstarter raised over $100,000 . . . twice what they were asking for. And during the campaign, Jenny made it clear: This is not a sports bar for women, but a bar for women's sports. They're welcoming EVERYONE . . . and the place is even kid-friendly, for better or worse.

(OregonLive / WWeek) (Here's their Instagram.)

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