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Dad Bods Are Still Trendy This Summer

Time for the annual story about how chubby dudes don't have to worry about their beach body. Someone polled over 1,000 Americans ahead of summer and found that DAD BODS are still trendy . . . and SEXY even.

70% of women . . . and 49% of men . . . are fans of the dad bod. Three-quarters of people defined it as a guy who's still somewhat fit, but with a little extra padding. 49% overall said dad bods are sexy. And just under half of those people would prefer a dad bod over a guy who's all muscle. If that's what YOU'RE into, good news. There might be more dad bods out there than ever. 31% of men who have one said they developed it during the pandemic. (We're still waiting on ANY stamp of approval for mom bods, I guess.)

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