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Does the First Body Part You Wash in the Shower Say Something About Your Personality?

Some lifestyle expert claims the first body part you wash in the shower can reveal things about your personality. For example, if you start with your face, you probably "love money." And if you start with your hair, you're a hopeless romantic.

Do you always wash a specific body part FIRST in the shower? Or do you mix it up?

Some lifestyle "expert" claims the spot you scrub first might reveal something about your personality. Here are six body parts and what she says they mean . . .

1. Your face. If it's the first place you wash, you "love money" and might struggle to get along with other people. (Don't both of those things apply to about 90% of us?)

2. Your shoulders. You're loyal, reliable, devoted, and tend to "carry the world on your shoulders."

3. Your armpits. You're attentive, but might come across as naïve and lacking confidence. (Or . . . you're just aware you have smelly armpits.)

4. Your chest. You're honest and loyal, but also stressed out a lot.

5. Your hair. You're a hopeless romantic who's usually immersed in your own thoughts. Also, you have the "temperament of an intellectual and an artist." (???)

6. Random. If you don't go in a specific order, you're an adventurous person who doesn't like to be bored.

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