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Eight Popular Coffee Brands Got Called Out for Being Total Garbage

The site Eat This, Not That called out eight coffee brands for using the lowest quality beans: Yuban . . . Green Mountain . . . Maxwell House . . . Nescafé . . . Folgers . . . Seattle's Best . . . and brew-at-home options from Dunkin' and McDonald's.

If your favorite coffee is on this list, the site Eat This, Not That would like you to know you're an unsophisticated FOOL. They posted a list of eight popular brands that use the "lowest quality" coffee you can find. Here's what they say . . . 1. Yuban. It used to be good, but they don't use 100% Columbian beans anymore.

2. Green Mountain. They made good coffee until they got all corporate. Now they're just the official coffee for Keurig machines and use "inferior blends."

3. Maxwell House. They basically survive on name recognition now. They use cheap beans that tend to be more bitter. 4. Nescafé. Never good, but a tweak to the ingredients a few years ago made it worse. 5. Folgers. They say "not great, but decent." The claim that it's "mountain grown" is misleading though. Coffee grown at high altitudes tends to be better. But "mountain grown" can also include the base of a mountain, near sea level. 6. Dunkin' Keurig-Cups. It's not what's served at Dunkin' Donuts, which they say is actually decent. Same brand name, different beans. 7. McCafé at Home. Same as Dunkin'. It's not what they serve at McDonald's. 8. Seattle's Best. Starbucks bought it in 2003. Now it's their "value" brand. (EatThis)

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