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Here's How to Combine Leftover Gifts Cards on Amazon

Still got that Visa Gift Card with $2.10 left on it? There's a way to consolidate those and turn them into Amazon money. You basically just add money to your "Amazon Gift Balance," and use the gift card to pay for it.

Still got that Visa Gift Card from the holidays with $2.10 on it? Sure . . . you're gonna use that someday. Or, this might be a better option . . .

There's a way to consolidate those cards and turn them into AMAZON money by transferring it to your Amazon Gift Balance. First, go look up the exact amount left on your Gift Card. That's important. Then, here's how you do it . . .

1. In your Amazon account settings, find "Gift Card Balance" and click "Reload Your Balance." It's basically your Amazon wallet that you're transferring the money to.

2. Type in the amount left on your Gift Card and click "Buy Now." Then change your "payment method" and add it as a new credit card. Only things like Visa Gift Cards work . . . your card for Macaroni Grill will not.

3. When it asks for the name of the card, just type "Gift Card" or whatever it says on the front. Then enter your OWN billing address, and place your order.

It'll transfer the money to your Amazon balance. And you can use that, even if it's just to get a few bucks off whatever you buy next.


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