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Hidden Valley Made a Diamond Out of Ranch Dressing, and It's for Sale on eBay

Hidden Valley Ranch made an actual, two-carat diamond out of ranch dressing for National Ranch Day, and used it for an engagement ring. Now they're auctioning it off on eBay for charity. They made it by burning some ranch dressing in a 2,500-degree oven. Then they kept it under 400 tons of pressure for two months.

Before we address the "why" behind this, I'm just kind of amazed it's even possible . . .

Yesterday was National Ranch Dressing Day. And the people at Hidden Valley Ranch had been teasing a big announcement . . . something to do with ranch dressing and "carats," spelled C-A-R-A-T-S. Now we know what they meant.

It turns out they made an actual DIAMOND out of RANCH DRESSING. And they're selling it on eBay to benefit the charity Feeding America. (Here's the video they posted.)

They took ranch dressing . . . burned it in a 2,500-degree oven . . . kept it under 400 tons of pressure for two months . . . and turned it into a two-carat, man-made diamond.

They used the diamond for an engagement ring, and that's what they're selling. It has an inscription on it with the initials "HVR LVR" . . . for "Hidden Valley Ranch Lover."

If you go to, it sends you to the eBay page. Last we checked, the top bid was just over 11 GRAND, and the auction runs through next Thursday.

They came up with it after someone used a custom bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch to propose on Valentine's Day last year. So with all the postponed weddings and engagements going on, they wanted to give someone a chance to propose with a ranch diamond.

(Here's a photo.)

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