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Jacoby Shaddix Explains The Title Of Papa Roach's New Album.

The new album 'Ego Trip' comes out tomorrow. In a recent interview, Shaddix explains why the band decided on that name.

Shaddix said, "This album essentially is a journey through the ego, a wrestling match of the ego of my higher self and my lower self and I'm always challenging myself to try to become a better person — treat myself better, treat other people better, put other people first, but I've got this part of me that's selfish and self-centered and self-seeking. And it's that wrestling match with the ego — it's, like, who's in control right now? Is it my higher self, my more humble, spiritual, loving, compassionate self or is it my dark self-seeking version of myself. And we all have that. And I found that to progress in my life, I've gotta smash the ego — I have to. Because when I'm out there thinking my shit don't stink and the world should bow down before me, my life turns to shambles; it don't work for me. I don't operate well in that dynamic. So, PAPA ROACH, we're on an ego trip.

"We went out and all guns blazing, a hundred and fifty miles an hour towards a cinderblock wall and we bashed our heads into it repeatedly," he continued. "And that was our lifestyle for some years — just a lot of wreckage and damage and pain, self-inflicted pain, relationship issues.

"It's almost like this album, the title seems so egotistical, so cocky, but it's anti that, honestly. There's this self-awareness that I've come to in my life that I'm always challenging myself to rise to the occasion."

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