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Miller Lite Invented a Beer-Infused Charcoal Called "Beercoal"

This is a dumb idea that deserved an equally dumb name: For grilling season, Miller Lite came up with a beer-infused CHARCOAL that they're calling "Beercoal." They also added a silly slogan: "Turn Miller Time into Griller Time."

They announced it last-minute and started selling them on their website yesterday for $12 a bag. They immediately sold out, but posted a note that said it'll be "back soon."

It's not clear if they'll sell it in stores or not. But within minutes, someone was already trying to sell a bag on eBay for $250. (Miller's press release said it could be "purchased nationwide," but maybe that just meant online?)

Each briquette is infused with concentrated Miller Lite. So it's supposed to give whatever you grill a slight beer taste. They say the food cooked over it is "safe for all ages" though. So the charcoal itself won't get you drunk.

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