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Most Americans Don't Want Dinosaurs to Come Back from Extinction (???)

In a new survey, 32% of Americans say they want scientists to attempt to bring extinct animals back using genetic science . . . and at least 10% of them would even want to revive DINOSAURS like the T-Rex.

You don't have to be an animal activist to support efforts to keep species from going extinct. In a new survey, 74% of Americans agree with that.

But what if they could REVIVE an extinct species . . . using genetic science? Only 32% of people want scientists to attempt to bring back extinct animals.

If they could, the most popular option would be the giant tortoise. The passenger pigeon and the northern white rhinoceros are next. The dodo bird is fourth, followed by the Caribbean monk seal . . . the Tasmanian tiger . . . giant sloths . . . the woolly mammoth . . . and the saber-tooth tiger.

But you'd have to draw a line at bringing back DINOSAURS right? Well, not necessarily. Of the people who want to bring back extinct species, about 1-in-10 people want scientists to bring back dinosaurs too. (???)

Specifically, 12% want the Triceratops . . . 11% want Pterodactyls . . . and 10% are crazy enough to want a return of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

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