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Now Joe Rogan Is Apologizing for Saying the N-Word, and 19% of Spotify Subscribers Are Canceling?

JOE ROGAN is now apologizing for a montage that's making the rounds, featuring a bunch of times that he's used the N-word. And also, a research firm claims 19% of Spotify subscribers are canceling the service.

JOE ROGAN is now apologizing for his latest controversy . . . a montage of him dropping the N-word in the past. It's been making the rounds over the past week, in the wake of his previous controversy over Covid misinformation.

Joe apologized in a video on social media, where he admits that the N-word montage looks "[effing] horrible." He says it's the "most regretful and shameful" thing that he's had to address publicly . . . and he seems sincere.

He gives a few excuses . . . including that it was "taken out of context" . . . but he also says that now, in 2022, he agrees that there's NO context where it's cool for a white guy to be dropping the N-word. He says he's not racist . . . and there's nothing he can do to erase the past . . . so he wants it to be a teachable moment.

Spotify is still sticking with Joe . . . but they deleted more than 70 old "racially insensitive" episodes of his podcast . . . and supposedly Joe AGREED with that.

According to a research firm, 19% of Spotify subscribers say that they've either canceled or WILL BE canceling . . . but that's not official, so take it with a grain of salt. But if that DID happen, Spotify might have to take a stronger stance.

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