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The Average Couple Will Spend $416 on Each Other This Valentine's Day

According to a new study, the average person with a significant other expects to shell out $208 for Valentine's Day this year, which is up 44%.

We're two weeks away from Valentine's Day, and so here's a reminder to start thinking about it . . . if you haven't already. Because people are apparently spending MORE than usual, and it isn't just a little inflation.

According to a study by LendingTree, the average person with a significant other expects to shell out $208 this year, which is up 44%. The average was $144 last year, and $142 in 2020. That's a total of $416 per couple if you have joint finances. (Or $624 if you're a part of a THROUPLE.) (???)

The biggest spenders are people who are just a year or two into their relationships. They expect to drop an average of $247. On the flip-side, people who are less than a year into their relationships are "only" spending $186.

That money DOES include eating out. 37% of couples are planning to go to a special dinner, which is up from 26% last year, when we didn't have vaccines. 25% plan to have a special dinner at home . . . and 16% plan to get take-out.

39% of couples opted to skip Valentine's Day last year to save money, but that number dropped to 31% this year.

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