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The Happiest Country in the World Is...Not the U.S.

Gallup has just released the results of its annual study on how HAPPY people are with their lives around the world. Finland came in first out of 146 countries...the U.S. came in 16th...and Afghanistan came in last.

You probably wouldn't believe this with all the chaos that has happened in America over the past few years . . . but we're pretty happy in our lives, relatively speaking.

Every year, Gallup puts out a "World Happiness Report," which ranks how people in more than 140 countries evaluate the quality of their lives to find the world's happiest countries. And for the fifth year in a row, Finland is #1.

Denmark is #2 . . . Iceland is #3 . . . and the rest of the Top 10 is: Switzerland . . . the Netherlands . . . Luxembourg . . . Sweden . . . Norway . . . Israel . . . and New Zealand. (So yes, there are FIVE Nordic countries in the Top 10.)

The U.S. is #16 out of 146 countries, which isn't bad at all. We're just below Germany and Canada . . . and just ahead of the U.K. and Czechia.

Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Zimbabwe are the countries where people are least satisfied and happy with their lives. They finished just below Rwanda, Botswana, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and India.

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