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The surprising item of clothing Dimebag Darrell gave Incubus in the 90's (Audio)

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Dimebag Darrell gave Incubus Wrangler jeans after making fun of them for wearing baggy pants in the '90s.

Incubus frontmnn Brandon Boyd recounted in a recent interview that "[Pantera] used to make fun of us for wearing baggy jeans because it was the '90s and they weren't really the baggy jean type band. We celebrated our differences, I'll say, but at one point, it became like a joke. And at one point, [Dimebag] and a couple other guys came into our dressing room with a platter that had brand new Wrangler Jeans on it and Jack Daniels with shot glasses."

Read the full story HERE.

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