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Things Young People Are Sick of Hearing Old People Complain About

A list of things that young people are sick of hearing old people complain about includes: "Kids don't play outside anymore" and "kids don't know how to fix anything."

Some young people complain a LOT. "I'm bored" . . . "the WiFi is bad" . . . "No one understands me!" But let's be honest, the reverse is also true.

There's a thread online where young people are talking about things they're "sick of hearing" old people complain about . . . and there are some good ones. Like:

1. "Don't believe everything you see on the internet." Young adults now say THEY'RE having to remind their parents about this over and over again

2. "Kids don't play outside anymore."

3. "Kids just want to drink and go to parties."

4. "Kids don't know how to fix anything." Except when it comes to technology . . .

5. "Kids need to start saving if they ever want to buy a house."

6. "Kids are too sensitive nowadays."

7. "Why aren't you married yet?" One person said you should just reply with "Supply chain issues."

8. "Come home, we want to spend time with you."

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