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You'll Lose 756 Socks in Your Lifetime

A new survey estimates that the average person will lose 756 socks in their lifetime . . . across roughly 13,000 loads of laundry.

What's the one clothing item you lose more than any other? (Please don't say your undergarments. If this is the case, you MIGHT want to open an investigation.)

It's your SOCKS, right?

An exciting new survey on LAUNDRY HABITS has found that the average person will lose 756 socks in their lifetime. Which, surprisingly, is NOT an odd number.

On average, we will do 13,000 loads of laundry in our lifetime. (Side note: If you are on track to do, well, NONE . . . then that means that someone in your life is doing 26,000 in their lifetime. So think about that.)

Through all those loads, the average person will ruin 95 pieces of clothing . . . by washing whites with darker colors, or by not choosing the appropriate settings.

Which seems low, especially since 29% of people say don't bother separating colors . . . and 76% say they use the same washer and dryer settings for everything.

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