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A Guy's Mom Accidentally Took His Pot Brownies to a Local Senior Center

A guy in South Dakota made a bunch of pot brownies last week. Then he got arrested after his 73-year-old mom thought they were normal brownies . . . and shared them with people at her local senior center.

This guy really needs to get his own place. But sadly, it sounds like that place might be a jail cell . . . 46-year-old Michael Koranda works as an elementary school music teacher in South Dakota, and lives with his 73-year-old mom, Irene. Last Monday night, he made a big pan of brownies before bed. Then Irene found them the next morning, and decided to take them to a card game at her local senior center. But what Irene didn't realize was . . . they were very strong POT brownies. Michael had just gotten back from a trip to Colorado, where he picked up a bunch of THC butter. And he cooked HALF-A-POUND of it into the brownies. 911 started getting calls around 8:00 P.M. that night about multiple seniors who said they'd been POISONED. It turned out they were just really high. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in South Dakota. So police figured out what happened, showed up at Michael's school the next day, and arrested him. He's facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, which is a felony. He could face up to FIVE YEARS in jail, plus a $10,000 fine. (KTIV / The Smoking Gun)

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