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David Draiman – ‘Without Streaming, There Would Be No Music Industry’

David Draiman took to Twitter to offer some positive insights about streaming services after the backlash that has arisen from the Neil Young/Joe Rogan debate.

"All those attacking @Spotify, young and old, would do well to remember a couple little things called MUSIC PIRACY, and BITTORRENT SITES. Before streaming took hold, both artists and the very music industry itself was on the verge of collapse."

"Why? Because the heads of the major labels at the time refused to see the future when a young Sean Fanning and Sean Parker, the guys behind a little startup called @napster, approached them with a new way to reach their consumers at unprecedented levels, and they shot them down. So instead, Fanning and Parker let Napster do its thing for free."

Read the full story HERE.

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