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The Body Parts We Don't Clean Enough Include Our Armpits and Butt

A poll found the top body parts we don't clean enough include our armpits, our ears, our feet, our butt, and our JUNK.

Two-thirds of Americans claim the pandemic has turned them into a "germaphobe," according to a new survey. But if that's really true, we're not being very OCD about it . . .

Over half of people admit they don't always pay close enough attention to their own hygiene. So we might THINK we're germaphobes, but we're not really acting like it.

People were asked to name the body parts they ignore and don't clean enough, and some heavy hitters made the list . . .

1. Armpits. 31% said they sometimes let them get gross.

2. Ears. It actually tied for first with 31%.

3. Your back, 30%. Makes sense since it's hard to reach.

4. Nose, 29%.

5. Your JUNK, also 29%.

6. Butt, 28%.

7. Face, 26%.

8. Feet, 20%.

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