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The Five Boozy Beverages Old People Shouldn't Drink

According to experts, these are the top boozy beverages to avoid as you get older: Brandy . . . non-light beer . . . white wine . . . super-sweet cocktails . . . and straight booze.

Half the fun of retiring is having the freedom to drink on a Tuesday. But this might put a damper on that. Someone talked to health experts about various alcoholic beverages we should avoid as we get older. Here are the top five . . .

1. Straight booze. That's a tough one for all the Scotch drinkers out there. Basically, you're just more likely to get drunk, fall down, and break a hip. And straight liquor is also the most dangerous when it comes to interacting with medication.

2. Brandy. It has more "congeners" than any other drink . . . chemicals produced during fermentation. They're one of the things that cause really bad hangovers. And hangovers are already bad when you're old. So don't press your luck.

3. Non-light beer. Light beer is a better option, meaning light on alcohol, not necessarily light-colored. Fuller beers like IPAs tend to have more alcohol, and more calories.

4. White wine. It tends to have more sugar, while red wine has more antioxidants. So red is the better option as you age.

5. Super-sweet cocktails. Again, it's all about the sugar. Alcohol is already high in carbs, which your body converts to glucose. So sweet drinks are a sugar-bomb.

That might not be a huge issue when you're young. But around 30% of seniors in the U.S. are diabetic. And 50% are prediabetic, meaning they're at risk.

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