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The Most Ordered Food on DoorDash in 2022 Is . . . French Fries?

DoorDash has released a new report that says the most popular menu items for DELIVERY are French fries, burritos, and chicken. And the most popular style of cuisine for delivery is: American.

Some foods hold up better to delivery than others . . . but in the heights of the pandemic, we didn't have a choice. If you wanted a poached egg, you had to make it, or have it delivered.

DoorDash just released a report on restaurant-ordering trends so far this year . . . and the #1 menu item people are having delivered is FRENCH FRIES. (???)

Fries seem like one of those foods that NEVER travels well. They get soggy and are probably going to be cold.

The second-most popular delivery item is burritos or burrito bowls, followed by chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches . . . hash browns . . . and cheeseburgers.

The most popular cuisine on DoorDash so far this year is "American." Mexican is second, followed by Japanese . . . Italian . . . and Chinese.

Also, the pandemic is something we're just LIVING WITH right now . . . but DoorDash says people are still COOKING more . . . even more than they were last year.

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