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The Trendy New Restaurant Food Is ... Squirrel Meat?

Squirrel . . . it might be what's for dinner. Apparently the furry rodent is gaining popularity as a trendy dining option in Scotland. The go-to squirrel is the North American gray squirrel, which is an invasive species.

Would you give this a go, or no way? "The New York Post" just did a big write-up on how the hottest new delicacy at restaurants is . . . SQUIRREL MEAT. At least at restaurants in the U.K. right now.

Plenty of hunters eat squirrel meat, but it's not something you see on a lot of restaurant menus. People in the U.K. are seeing it more and more though. And they're not even eating their own squirrels . . . they're eating OURS. The North American grey squirrel is considered an invasive species over there. So killing and eating them is encouraged.

It doesn't sound like you'll see squirrel meat at Applebee's anytime soon. But some fine dining restaurants might get in on the trend. It's perfectly legal to kill and eat squirrels in most parts of the country. Even New York City has a squirrel-hunting season that runs from November through the end of this month.

(If you want to see what squirrel meat looks like at a fancy restaurant, here's a photo.)

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