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Tickets to Space with Virgin Galactic Start at $450,000

Tickets for a 90-minute Virgin Galactic space flight go on sale today. It costs $450,000 and includes training, an Under Armour spacesuit, and membership into an exclusive Future Astronauts community.

Anyone have $450,000 to spare? That's how much a ticket to space will cost you with Virgin Galactic, but before you stress about money, the down payment is only $150,000. Sales open today on their website.

The flights last around 90 minutes and reach a maximum speed of 2,600 miles per hour. It only includes four passengers and takes off out of New Mexico. Passengers will also go through training and get fitted for an Under Armour spacesuit.

Purchasing a ticket also comes with other perks, like a membership to Virgin Galactic's community of Future Astronauts, which offers exclusive events, trips, and space-readiness activities.

Being a Virgin Galactic astronaut also comes with the opportunity to purchase an "Astronaut Edition" Range Rover from Land Rover. And an exclusive "Astronaut Wings" ceremony.

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