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Women Are Naming the Weirdest Places Guys Have Taken Them on a Date

Dating is tough for guys, partly because they suck at PLANNING dates. And some are really bad at it . . . There's a section on Reddit called "Ask Women". And someone asked them to name the weirdest place a guy's ever taken them on a date. Here are the highlights . . . 1. Two weeks into dating, a guy took a girl to his grandfather's funeral and introduced her as his "special friend." 2. A guy drove a woman to a Taco Bell parking lot, and they watched the animated movie "Sausage Party" on his phone. (It got worse when he tried to kiss her during the sex scene, where a hot dog gets it on with a bun.) 3. Some creep took a woman to an adult book store, and tried to get her to watch a movie with him in their gross theater room. 4. A guy picked a woman up for dinner after she chose the restaurant. Then he drove the wrong direction for 30 minutes before she said anything. It turned out he didn't know where the place was, but didn't want to admit it. 5. A guy was supposed to take a woman bowling for their first date. Instead, he took her to his mom's house to help decorate his mom's bedroom. 6. A guy offered to show a girl his "hidden spot in the city" where he goes to think and write songs. It was just a filthy underpass. 7. A woman was expecting to go to lunch. Instead, the guy took her to a gun range with three of his buddies. 8. A guy suggested Dave & Buster's for a first date, which is fine. Except his date said she'd rather do something else. He agreed . . . picked her up . . . and took her to Dave & Buster's anyway. 9. A guy took a woman to an empty shipping container in the middle of nowhere for their first date. He said he wanted to buy it for her and turn it into a house. 10. A guy took a woman to a strip club the first time they went out, and then tried to get the strippers' numbers. (BuzzFeed)

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